Friday, October 1, 2010

Giving blood

My first true act of being an 18 year old was giving blood. I originally didn't plan on giving blood this past monday, but my friend whose birthday it was that day decided to coax me into giving blood. I had always wanted to give blood, but during the previous years I had completely forgotten about the blood drives at my high school. Being coaxed last minute and my first time giving blood, those two factors added together didn't really help me when it came down to actually giving blood, prior to the donation, I didn't eat the entire day, which technically you're supposed to. I went in and I did all the basics that I needed to do, then I gave the blood, everything went just fine. However, after each person's donation they must wait at least 15 minutes for their body to recover, my time was different. I went and sat down on the chair, I felt extremely lightheaded and my heart started to race, I felt as if I was going to have a panic attack. I decided to pick up my water bottle and take a drink...
I blacked out...
For probably about a second though, since I don't exactly remember what happened immediately after.
However, I could feel the hands of the nurses on my body, holding me up and lifting me on the stretcher, as well as hear all the voices of them around me.
I opened my eyes to find that everything was alright, I was recovering inside the same room in which I had given blood.
They told me to take as long as I needed to rest, which I did. An hour passed, I missed my club meeting, but I completely recovered.
All is well now, however I must say that next time I give blood, I'll be ready for it. One last thing I must say, I can't believe my friend coaxed me into giving blood.

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