Friday, October 22, 2010


Back in high school my friend would always be worried for the future, she was always afraid her and her close friends would grow apart one they all hit college. That day came, when her friends all ended up going to Cal State Long Beach, and she ended up going to Cal State Fullerton, even now a days, she sees her friends once in a while, but she still feels that it is not enough for them to stay close. I told her that if she wanted to continue being friends, that they would continue being friends, to make an effort, and not to worry about her friendships. The college experience is about meeting new people and reuniting with her high school friends once in a while. Which is what I would rather do than go to a college with many of my high school friends, which is going to Long Beach, I'm happy with it, but I wish I could still get out and meet more people.

I advise her to go out and be social and friendly, that she'd meet a lot of new great people, and that she would still be able to see her high school friends. But perhaps she overreacted to the situation, we'll see how things turn in the end.

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