Friday, September 24, 2010


I've finally reached the age of eighteen, I've waited about twenty years to turn eighteen. Haha. The last day of being seventeen I decided to visit the Getty Center, located in Los Angeles. It was a place that I had gone to quite a few times as a young child. I went to the museum again to partly celebrate my last day as a minor by visiting a place that I had gone to as a child. I was too young to understand art when I was a younger, so I decided to see if I could understand it more now that I am on the verge of being an adult...

I couldn't understand it any more than I could before, maybe I've matured in age, yet I haven't matured in my mindset yet. Becoming eighteen is a bitter sweet event, I used to be able to say, “I'm in college, and I'm still 17,” however, that is now over. Now I'm an adult, I feel that I must mature my mindset on life, that now I have more responsibilities. Starting with college I shall attempt to mature myself by becoming more responsible. I'll try my best to mature myself for the world. We'll see how things turn out.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hello everyone! I'm Sean Nguyen and welcome to my blog for my English 100 class. My blog is titled, "Random Thoughts" because it pertains to the random thoughts I have about college and my experiences here. Although it may only be my first year in college, I've got a lot to learn, and this blog will be a great way for me to post up my experiences and my thoughts on college.

So far, transitioning from high school to college has been like going off a high dive into the deep end of a pool, all while not knowing how to swim. In high school I was someone, well known throughout the school, by teachers and students alike. Seniors ruled the school, my experience was no different. I also, in a sense, ruled the school, but moving into college, I've had to make new friends, and I've lost all my reputation, not in a demeaning way, but more along the lines of, I don't have a reputation now. However, many of my friends also attend Cal State Long Beach, and with that, gives me some relief, to know that they are going through the same thing as me. It's only a matter of time before I become completely used to this new lifestyle and new chapter in my life.