Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last post.

Welcome to my (most likely) last post.
I'd like to wrap things up by saying how good it's been to be able to be able to post my thoughts on random things. Hence the name, random thoughts.

But over the course of all of my posts, I've come to realize that I'm always maturing. With this last post I feel like I've only jumped into the deep end.

This past week (Thanksgiving break) hasn't been that great, possibly one of the best and worst Thanksgiving breaks.

On the up side, I've finally for once, been able to seriously discuss an issue to my mom and my family. Unfortunately that was short lived, for the topic during Thanksgiving changed quickly.

I just felt that it was a step forward into actually being able to TALK to my mom, rather than me saying something and her just plain ignoring it.

I was able to spend some good quality time with my relatives, sort of.

I've learned who my true friends are through tough times.

On the other side, one of my dogs was killed on Tuesday. She ran out of the house, as she ran across the street, a car was approaching. One could probably guess what had happened. I've had her since 5th grade, even then she was already about a year old.

Things have definitely changed over the past few days. I feel that the joy has been sucked out of my life now.

I've had her for so many years, and so used to her being in the house that it'll be hard for me to live in this house...

Remember how I said that I couldn't move away from this house that I live in?
Previous post:

Now I feel that I need to move, living in this house only brings painful memories.

Here's a post off of my tumblr:

Hopefully you guys are willing to follow me since I'm not likely to be posting on this blog:

Thanks, and best wishes to you all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So a few days ago my parents told me that we were moving again...
For the first time in seven years, we were moving again due to finances.
I had finally settled down into this life after moving a total of nine times throughout my life. It hurts me, I mean, I'm not changing colleges, just moving cities within the Orange County.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but once you've moved as many times as I have, and gotten to lose as many friends as me, you'll realize it is pretty much a big deal. The 15-20 minute commute I currently have will change to a 30-40 minute commute.

I told my dad that I wanted to dorm sophomore year so that I wouldn't be a kill on the funds for gasoline.
However, I still want my car as well. I'd have to choose one or the other.

If I don't have my car, it may hurt my relationship with my girlfriend though, since I usually drive to see her every week at UCLA. Whereas, without my car, I wouldn't be able to see her...

What should I do?
Dorm? Or Car?
I'm completely lost at the moment.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Lately I've been thinking of running for the Circle K president for Long Beach.

What is Circle K?

Circle K is a college community service organization under the Kiwanis Family.

LBSU Circle K site:

I really want to do it, as long as my heart is in it, is that all that matters?

If I end up running for it, and I do win, then my time will be split even more between: School, Circle K, Film, Girlfriend.

It's difficult as is, I've never been one to...prioritize, sadly enough, yes, I'm a shameful Asian.

I really do care for Circle K, I want to help others, I mean I have until January / February to decide if I actually want to run, but I need to make a name for myself so that I can gain votes from the members.

Maybe the question isn't do the members trust me to be a good president, rather, do I trust myself ot be a good president...

My biggest fear is failure, letting down everyone around me, seeing that they're upset or annoyed at me. I've done it before, I'm afraid I'll do it again. Hopefully I've grown a bit more to understand the difference leadership and friendship

Professionalism vs Personal Lives...[a topic for another day]

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old School

Old school musicians are on the rise these days, the days of auto-tune are [FINALLY] over.

We grew up with the artists of the 90's and the 00's, these artists contributed to our growth, made us who we are today. Maybe not as much of a part of our lives like our parents, but still, it helped a lot.

Remember, Nelly, Usher, Eminem? Yeah, those guys. They're back, and better than ever, each of them have their own brand new smash hits. (I'm only posting 1 from each of the artists, though)
Nelly: Just a Dream

Usher: OMG

Eminem: Not Afraid

Amazingly enough, Michael Jackson is still creating works!

Michael Jackson ft. Akon – Hold my hand

These few artists, as well as many others went missing for about a decade, but now they're on the rise to a new generation of listeners.

Unfortunately not all the artists we knew back in the 90s and 00's will be back.
Backstreet Boys.

YES, I do remember them, don't hate on me!

Nevertheless, not all music is bad nowadays, there's always-

Justin Bieber...? No.
Ke$ha...? No.

I guess not, but thank goodness the old musicians are back on the rise, maybe this younger generation will be able to get a chance to grow up correctly...maybe.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beginning of the End.

Remember back when we were children and we went and watched a young Harry Potter make his first steps into Hogwarts? Remember back when our parents would buy our food for us? Remember back when we were carefree in the world?

Fast forward about a decade- Harry Potter is making his final stand against the Dark Lord Voldemort, we're getting jobs in order to support ourselves, and we're standing by as we watch the world change around us...

Times have changed, we've grown and matured so much, however, this is only the beginning of the end. We're 17 or 18 now, depending on when you were born, either way, we're about to step into some very big shoes. We were once considered the leaders of tomorrow, however tomorrow has come, it is time for us to fill in some very big shoes. It is our turn to change the world. I don't know how things will turn out for us in the future, no one does (that is, unless you're a time traveler, which I highly doubt). But we can always hope for the best, we can always fight for our causes.

This may be the beginning of the end, but it our lives truly begin here...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Veteran's Day

Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog, but I'm going to post 4 this week.
First off, it may be a little bit late, but Veterans day.

As I grow older and mature each day, I have realized the purpose of veterans day. Many people to this day do not truly understand, I myself do not fully understand what it is like being a veteran. However, I do feel that the day is not just an excuse to get class off, and excuse to sleep in another day, and excuse to slack off.

Veterans day has become, at least to me, more than just a day off; it has become a good reason to keep on living. The servicemen and women who had given their lives to us gave their lives so that we may live, so that our (soon to be children, since we're only in college) may live, so that our younger siblings will live a better life.

They gave their lives for us, the least we could do is show them appreciation. On Veteran's day this year I realized all this as I drove past a veteran's memorial at the public library. There were veterans from a variety of wars. I wanted to stop and tell them “thank you” for everything they had done for us, unfortunately I had something to do, so I was unable to, but next year, I will.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gross Halloween

Halloween has just passed, luckily, so now all the freaks can return to their normal states, no more makeup, no more costumes, no more (and I hope my language doesn't offend anyone) sluttiness. What I've come to observe is that guys costumes are legit, while girls costumes are always slutty, I'm not even joking, you know it to be true. One of my biggest concerns is, how can a costume made with so little fabric cost so much, that isn't right, but somehow society has grown accustomed to girl's Halloween costumes having nothing more than super short skirts, stockings and a top. Why society? Why must you allow certain things to pass off as socially acceptable, while other things like helping others in need always go overlooked.

Do you remember the time when legit costumes were all the rage? Rather than all of these slutty costumes? I remember it, the golden age of childhood, but now we've grown up with different mindsets.

Aside from that fact, do any of you guys still go trick or treating, or would you rather go to a party?

Once again, I don't mean to point out anyone in particular, but it's just a general observation.

What are your opinions on the matter?

Edit: Here is also a good view of what all the girl's costumes look like.