Sunday, November 21, 2010


So a few days ago my parents told me that we were moving again...
For the first time in seven years, we were moving again due to finances.
I had finally settled down into this life after moving a total of nine times throughout my life. It hurts me, I mean, I'm not changing colleges, just moving cities within the Orange County.
I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but once you've moved as many times as I have, and gotten to lose as many friends as me, you'll realize it is pretty much a big deal. The 15-20 minute commute I currently have will change to a 30-40 minute commute.

I told my dad that I wanted to dorm sophomore year so that I wouldn't be a kill on the funds for gasoline.
However, I still want my car as well. I'd have to choose one or the other.

If I don't have my car, it may hurt my relationship with my girlfriend though, since I usually drive to see her every week at UCLA. Whereas, without my car, I wouldn't be able to see her...

What should I do?
Dorm? Or Car?
I'm completely lost at the moment.

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  1. Car! haha well that's what i think. Getting a dorm, I think will end up being more of a kill. Plus, you would be stuck at school. I think you would rather see your girlfriend, than a roommate.