Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls and dresses.

The following is only an opinion, and I am only speaking generally, not addressing anyone specific, aside from my mom.

Girls and dresses, I never understood why girls always had to buy a new dress for events such as prom, homecoming, and other formal dances, only to wear them once. Don't get me wrong, I understand to not wear the same dress from homecoming as prom. But I'm speaking generally, girls, especially my mom, always buy new dresses for special occasions. I don't get it, what compels women to go out and spend money on things that they will only wear once.

The materials and the labor required to produce the new dress far outweigh the reason to wear the dress, especially if only worn once. Although, buying a new dress does refuel the economy since a person is willing to put their money back into the economy to keep it fueled, but that's a side point. It's just that the reasons for buying a new dress to wear only once far outweigh the fact that a girl will look nice in it.

For the girls out there, what are your opinions on why other girls buy dresses to wear only once? Don't hate on me for this post. I only do it out of the fact that my blog is random thoughts, and somehow my thoughts lead to this.


  1. I concur! What is the point if you're only going to wear it once. The money spent on a dress like that could go to something way more useful or fun! For guys' cases, some may buy a tuxedo and maybe not wear it that often, but will definitely wear it as long as it fits! Maybe though, it's a gender stereotype that has been built into our society. I'm not sure if this is right or not, but it's just a thought. It could be that our society puts too much focus on a woman's image that this has become the norm. I'm interested to find out what women will say about this.

  2. this is such an interesting post! i have always thought this and i feel like its completely pointless to spend a bunch of money on a dress you will only wear once. i like to consider myself a very smart shopper and i buy vintage clothes super cheap that i know i will wear over and over. I have been in situations where i had to buy a dress like prom but i chose very wisely. Why buy a crazy fancy dress that is bedazzled beyond imaginable,and will cost you about 300 bucks if not more and just hang it in your closet afterward. i always buy dresses i can wear again and make look different. I dont know i wish more girls would think like guys. At least im glad i do. haha

  3. Maybe I'm weird but I usually do wear my dresses more than once - I have bought homecoming and prom dresses and almost always wore them again, and maybe even more. I feel the same way, it's very silly to buy a big, fancy gown for a few hours of fun and then have it sit in your closet for years and years, until your own daughter wants to try it on to play dress up. However, I think women do this because they like to feel special!! And, I must say, buying a brand new dress and getting all dolled up can very easily make a woman feel special and beautiful. My point? Women do this to look their best and make themselves feel good and beautiful. However, I think they should seriously consider re-wearing the dresses, to a wedding, or to a different formal event. Or even try dressing it down and making it casual (if possible). These are my thoughts on this...great post:)

  4. Normally I don’t use a lot of money on clothes, if I could wear my brother’s shirts all the time I definitely would. But for prom I bought a dress that cost me an eye, and part of a toe haha. The main reason was that it was very different; it was basically a hot pink disco ball. I figured I should buy it because no one else would, and it was both hot-pink and shiny (My two favorite things). I ended up looking like gypsy that was consumed by a disco ball, now, I don’t know about you but I think it was pretty cool. It made me feel pretty good that no one had it, and that many people were like “dayyyuummm” haha, well a lot of them liked it. I knew that if I didn’t purchase it I would be left thinking what if. Now, seeing I could have bought more than 250 of those spicy chicken burgers at Carl’s Jr. I still wouldn’t change a thing. Buying a dress that’s not so cheap isn’t that bad, as long as you don’t do it all the time, well that is what I think.