Saturday, October 30, 2010

3D films

Remember when 3D films were films like Spy-Kids 3-D?
These 3D movies were rare, but now 3D movies have become mainstream, unfortunately. Movies like Saw 3D
Toy Story 3(3D)
and many others have drained what used to be a rare occurrence to be a social norm. Over the past decade the ticket prices for movie theaters have been on the rise, however, there has been a spike with the 3D age, charging more money to purchase the 3D classes.

I'm a student who plans to get a career in the film industry, seeing all of these 3D films upsets me, it drains away from the story, to the point where movies have become nothing but a form of entertainment (although it always has), from a form of storytelling. Once a form of art, now to nothing more than entertainment, just sitting and opening staring at the screen, watching things jump out at you.

Now take into account, IMAX is a totally different medium, IMAX utilizes higher quality images, whilst 3D well, allows for 3D. Although IMAX is more expensive, it offers higher quality, rather than 3D.

What has the film industry become? What do you feel about the 3D movement. (This could also include 3D televisions, which are on the rise too)

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  1. I have always thought the same. I feel like i want to go to watch a movie because its a great movie not because it has stuff popping out at me to entertain me. Whenever i think about this, im reminded of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Its a great book and i think about wether or not we will go further than 3D like the characters in the book do by creating what they call The Feelies. These are movies that involve not only the sensation of sound and vision but of touch as well. It amazes me that the author wrote about that such a long time ago and it is happening now. I dont know, maybe im just a cheese ball that dislikes 3D movies.