Friday, October 29, 2010


The other day I watched my close friend purchase alcohol (now, take into account that I, myself don't drink, so you can't judge me), it was weird. I knew that she drank, but seeing her actually purchase alcohol just gave me more insight to her life. Now, she didn't use a fake ID or any other illegal means to obtain it (Yes, I know, despite that being underage and purchasing alcohol is illegal, she didn't steal, or use any other methods to obtain the item), she simply had a close friend who had known her and her family since childhood, and asked him, (once again, since they usually do this) to purchase the alcohol.

Later on in the evening my friend asked me that if she hosted a “kickback” at her house, would I attend, knowing full well that I don't drink. I told her that I would go to support her, and hang out, but I don't think it would be my thing.

Now, my choice is not to drink, I think it disrupts people's mindsets on reality. Each person can have their own “thing”; weed, drinking, so on and so forth. I won't judge you for whatever you (as the reader) do. I'm just left wondering, what are your opinions on drinking?


  1. I was thinking, it is strange when you know that a friend does something (doesn't have to be drinking alcohol, it could be Jiu Jitsu or something) but never actually see them in the act. It gives a whole different perspective (not necessarily bad) of that person when you actually SEE them doing things that you know that they do, instead of just hearing about it all the time. For example, I kick box, and my friends knew that, but had never actually seen me in my element. Once some of my friends actually came to take a class with me they were so taken aback and had never realized how much effort it takes yet how rewarding it was. But to answer your question about my opinion on drinking, I think that it's going to be something that you're going to come into contact to over the years that you're in college. A large amount of college students drink, and even if you go to parties and say you don't drink alcohol, most people will just respect it and not make you do anything you don't want to do.

  2. Good comment there, Jenna. It is amazing how the brain works, sort of a disconnect between knowledge and experience. Knowing and seeing are two different things. You don't need to see in order to know, but seeing adds a whole new layer to knowledge. I, too, don't drink. Strong drink is a mocker, as the Good Book says, and it seems like a waste of money on the whole...

  3. I have mixed feelings about drinking. I used to be straight edge because I never saw the point as to why alcohol would be in a drink if it did not give the drink a greatly better flavor. I now understand that it is now a set of tools in making a good beverage. My brother is a mixologist and I have come to respect a well put together drink. To him, it is an art. He knows the history of almost all spirits(alcohols) and crafts his drinks down to what kind of ice to use and how the molecules in the different ingredients in the drink will work together. I will have a drink like that. I do not drink to get drunk because far too many people use drinking and getting drunk as an excuse to act ways that they are too ashamed of otherwise. Drinking has been going on for ages, and was many times used to celebrate, such as in the bible. I do not drink to cover up or numb myself to any problems because I feel like I am above that. I hope others comment on this too and give their point of view.