Wednesday, October 6, 2010


You record videos and post them on youtube, you're not a film maker.
You have an expensive camera and take pictures, you're not a photographer.
You write poetry you're not a poet.
You write stories, you're not a writer.

Nowadays many people become very cocky with what they do. I admit, I used to think this, and I may still do this now, I'll let people decide, I've got quite the ego. However, this isn't about me, it's about people in general. I'm not trying to offend people with established careers or those who aspire to be, but rather, those who believe that they are when they have nothing to truly show.

My main example would probably be the younger generation, they think that they can make it big by posting random things on the internet. Such as many people posting videos on themselves on youtube expecting to get millions of hits. To their disappointment they only get maybe one hundred views, maybe even less.

These people expect to become huge hits overnight, but they don't stop to think that all the people who have made themselves successful have worked hard at it for many months, or years, for even most of their life.

People who are currently working to be in their careers are an exception, since they're actually trying to make themselves successful, such as students in college. College students are at the determining point in their lives, where they are majoring in the careers.

Feel free to post your own thoughts on the matter, those are mine.


  1. Of the four statements you made at the beginning, I agree with the first two, but not necessarily the second two. Posting videos on YouTube by no means makes someone a film maker, and I know plenty of people who have professional cameras and wish to be photographers that take horrible pictures. However, I disagree with the last two, and maybe that’s because I am a writer. But you may disagree with me on that. I write songs, short stories, occasionally poems, and I am actually working on a book that one day will hopefully be published. To me, writing is not about being noticed. My songs may never be heard, and I may never show my poems to anyone. Being a successful writer requires skill, and I’m sure you can’t call every person who tries to write a story a writer, but where do you draw the line?

  2. I lean more towards what Nikki is saying here. If someone who writes poetry isn't a poet, then who is? People can label themselves however they would like but that does not give any suggestion as to their quality of work. Yes, school makes someone more "qualified", but if someone labels himself/herself as a writer and you think that makes them a full time professional, you are completely at fault for your assumption. I do agree that if someone thinks they can "make it big" by posting a video on their life, then they are lazy and expecting too much. Maybe they will get lucky, but the chances are slim. This is just me opinion and maybe I feel this way because I really believe in individuals having dreams, but I hope this gives a perspective from a different angle.
    -Emilio Tello