Saturday, October 23, 2010


The other day I went back to school with my friend Joanne, aka JOVO. Her and I went back to our video class, in which we were the lead producers for, she was the executive producer, and I was the technical producer, our other friend tagged along, she was the script writer for the class. The class name was called the BBN, known as the Baron Broadcast Network or News, we had spent so much time working on it, for example, staying at school until 3am.

We returned to class and watched one of the more recent episodes, it had it's good points, as well as its bad ones as with any episode. However watching the newer season of the BBN made us miss how much we worked on the old season. We ruled the class, we controlled the BBN, but even with that, we were completely unappreciated, no one knew how things truly were. As much fun as we had last year, it was time for the new generation, the class of 2011 to come in and take over our class. Let them run the BBN the way they want it to be run. We can no longer control them, yet watch over them with our eyes, knowing that we won't be able to control them, yet only watch.

Here is a link to our old vimeo site

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